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Greater Copenhagen is the metropolitan region that covers eastern Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden. The region is home to Medicon Valley, which is the leading life science cluster in the Nordics.

80+ microbiome companies are constantly looking for specialised employees and researchers 
This bilateral ecosystem includes 80+ companies, organisations, and institutions working actively within the microbiome field. Here you’ll find a world-class research environment and numerous innovative companies and organisations working with microbiome. Take a look at some of the companies hiring now.




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    The multi-disciplinary microbiome hub in the Medicon Valley area is a great place to develop and foster your career

    The regional industries, academic and clinical environments collaborate across disciplines to bridge basic and applied science and to establish causalities and generate knowledge. All efforts have the ultimate purpose of enabling microbiome-based innovations for the benefit of health and environment and all areas are expanding, meaning they are looking for bright minds to help bring their research and development to the next level. 

    Leveraging the microbiome across diseases
    The region takes an extensive approach to leverage the microbiome across a broad range of segments, offering multiple perspectives and possibilities for candidates looking to take the next step in their career. If you wish to get more in-depth information on each microbiome area, please click here. 

    Microbiome strongholds in Greater Copenhagen: 

    Metabolic diseases
    Autoimmune diseases / immunology
    Women’s health
    Nutrition & functional food
    • Probiotics & pharmabiotics
    Non-human: Plant, animal, and environmental microbiomes
    Bioinformatics & therapeutics

    Read more about the microbiome segments and ecosystem





    Microbiome Research Publications in Greater Copenhagen
    The region has generated a high volume of microbiome-related research publications, with a considerable number published in prominent journals such as Nature. Highly ranked academic institutions such as the University of Copenhagen, Lund University and Technical University of Denmark are engaged in researching the microbiome from a wide range of disciplines.

    Looking for your next career move?

    Greater Copenhagen is a very attractive place to look for life science jobs, with high salaries, attractive benefit packages and good opportunities for career advancement all waiting for the right candidates.

    There are a lot of job opportunities, as our companies are looking for talented microbiome specialists, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, regulatory affairs specialists, microbiologists, and molecular biologists to work for them.

    Apply for one of the many open positions and become part of the vibrant life science environment here – we look forward to welcoming you.

    What’s it like to work here?
    When looking for future job opportunities, Greater Copenhagen is a very good place to aim your sights at – especially within the life science industry. The job market is characterised by high salaries and good infrastructure and companies generally offer good benefit packages for employees.

    From a technical standpoint, working within life sciences in Greater Copenhagen is the same as in other parts of the world. The difference is how we go about our jobs, and what we do outside our jobs.

    Companies in Companies in Denmark and Southern Sweden usually have a flat organizational structure, handing a lot of responsibility to the individual and that person’s team. It also means that there is nothing wrong with taking questions and comments straight to a director or CEO.

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    Meet Albert

    Originally from Barcelona, Albert came to Copenhagen to spark his career within the microbiome field of research.

    Your next career move may be located in the heart of The Nordics

    Greater Copenhagen for newcomers

    Greater Copenhagen spans eastern Denmark and southern Sweden. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, and the Swedish city Malmö are the main cities in Greater Copenhagen, separated only by a short stretch of sea and with a bridge connecting the two cities by road and rail.

    Malmö is Sweden’s third-largest city and can be reached by train from the main station in Copenhagen in 30 minutes, making it very accessible for commuting.

    Greater Copenhagen has excellent transport connections by metro, bus, and train as well as outstanding infrastructure for cycling safely in and around the cities.

    The airport is close  - and the best one in Northern Europe
    Copenhagen Airport is the main international airport in the region. From the center of Copenhagen getting to the airport takes only 15 minutes by metro – which runs 24 hours.
    Copenhagen Airport is the largest hub in Northern Europe, with 177 direct international destinations, of which more than 100 are European destinations.

    All capitals and major commercial cities of the EU countries are serviced by direct scheduled flights. This makes Copenhagen Airport the best connected airport in The Nordics.

    Experience a special working culture

    Because of flat organisational structures and personal freedom, Greater Copenhagen consistently ranks as a great place to work. If you become a part of the workforce in Greater Copenhagen you may experience why this area is continuously ranked as one of the happiest in the world.

    The work culture focuses on teamwork rather than individual competition, and the organisational structures are flat and non-hierarchical. Furthermore, employees are given a great deal of personal freedom and responsibility, which creates trust and a sense of value.
    In Greater Copenhagen, the positive and informal workplace has priority. Management is open-minded and interested in the opinions of its employees. So, don’t be surprised if you only see open doors in the office or find yourself eating your lunch next to the CEO in the canteen.

    Meet Pamela

    She's originally from Boliva, but is now living in Lund with her family and doing her PhD at Lund University, within the field of microbiome.

    Greater Copenhagen is a welfare society

    Denmark and Sweden are both welfare societies, which are based on the principle that everyone should have equal opportunities and access to health and welfare services regardless of income.

    In Greater Copenhagen, all citizens have free access to state pension, social benefits and child care benefits as well as to hospitals, schools and universities.

    What about taxes?
    The internationally renowned Nordic welfare model is paid for by taxation.
    Taxation finances a wide range of welfare services in Greater Copenhagen, such as universal access to healthcare, free education, affordable childcare and free language classes and public libraries. Furthermore, the people of Greater Copenhagen benefit from well-maintained infrastructure and a high level of safety and public service.

    The average taxation in Denmark and southern Sweden spanns between 44-46%, and while taxation may seem high, the quality of life and salary actually are high.

    Many expats say that their positive assessment of Greater Copenhagen is because of its quality of life, welfare services and well developed infrastructure.

    Wages to live the good life

    In Greater Copenhagen you’ll find some of the highest wage levels in the world, making the purchasing power high.

    Even after taxation and general price levels are taken into account, the people of Greater Copenhagen enjoy a strikingly high degree of purchasing power, while still benefitting from free healthcare, education and many other publicly provided services.

    The price of the good life in Greater Copenhagen is always fair.
    Thanks to extraordinarily high domestic purchasing power, you will not have to choose between living your life and working in Greater Copenhagen.

    With a firm focus on work-life balance, not only will you have the means to lead a good life – you will also have the leisure time to do it.



    World’s best work-life balance

    Greater Copenhagen spans eastern Denmark and southern Sweden. The Danish capital Copenhagen and the Swedish city Malmö are the main cities in Greater Copenhagen, separated only by a short stretch of sea and with a bridge connecting the two cities by road and rail.

    The working culture in Greater Copenhagen is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and a work-life balance that World Economic Forum has named the best in the world. In Greater Copenhagen, you can have an interesting job, pursue your career ambitions, and be an attentive parent – without compromising your salary.

    You will have time to spare as well as money to spend. Not having to worry about spending too little time with your family is one of the main reasons why most expats say that living in Greater Copenhagen is so great.

    “She had ‘HENTE BØRN’ written in her calendar every day at 3.45pm and I kept wondering, ‘Who is this guy? How come she runs off from work to see him each afternoon?’ I was picturing some secret liaison with a Mads Mikkelsen-alike. Then I got the Google Translate app-” And?“-

    Turns out it means ‘pick up the kids’ in Danish. Shame…”

    Help for newcomers in Greater Copenhagen

    Once you have decided to move to Greater Copenhagen, it’s time to start preparing. We are ready to help you sort out all paperwork, assist you or your partner with finding a job and settle in.


    Help for newcomers in Greater Copenhagen

    With the mission that a new life in Greater Copenhagen means a good life in a new home, International House Copenhagen and International Citizen Hub Lund work to ease the transition of international newcomers and their families.

    The aim is to ensure international employees the best possible start to a life with us, easing the transition phase and settling-in process. 

    A wide range of public and private service providers collaborate here to supply end-to-end assistance in all steps: pre-arrival, reception and retention.

    Looking for two jobs instead of one?
    As an accompanying spouse, your partner often has to start from scratch, finding new friends and a sense of belonging. International House Copenhagen is here to help with anything from leisure tips and local hosts to career mentors.

    If your partner is looking for a job, the Copenhagen Career Program at International House Copenhagen offers  job-seeking courses, and information about mentorships and internships and the Kick start program at International Citizen Hub Lund also offers job seeking courses and information. 

    International House Copenhagen also offers a one-week course in English called ‘First Job Copenhagen’. Here newcomers get general knowledge about tools for job searching, work culture in Greater Copenhagen, LinkedIn and career counselling, all making it smoother to become a part of the local workforce in Greater Copenhagen.

    Learn more about the free offers at International House Copenhagen or take a look at the open jobs at the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal.

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